How do I setup DNS servers on WHM?

To setup DNS servers on WHM login to using root

Firstly goto IP Functions / Add a new IP address

Add any extra IP's you've been assigned. If you are doing this on a VPS machine it may say "IP's are already active". This can be safely ignored and you can move onto the next step. Repeat this step for all the IP's you need to add

When done goto Server Setup / Edit Setup. Scroll down to "Primary Nameserver". In the box you will put something similar to Also fill out for Secondary Nameserver. Ignore the "Master Nameserver record" unless you are doing DNS clustering

Now select Server Setup / Manage Name Server IP's

Type in and click Assign. Repeat this for all the domain servers you want to setup

Then create a reverse on your nameservers if your not sure how to do this contact support.

If you have a domain with us and are going to use it for your nameserver or are going to buy one with us please read below, if not please read the step after:

If you have bought a domain from us already we may need to move it, please contact support with the domain and server details.

If you would like to buy a domain from us please contact us and let us know you are going to be using this with your own nameservers, please note you may be charged extra with your domain.

If you have a domain from elsewhere you will need to activate the DNS Servers with them to do this you may need to Registrar the Private Nameservers at your registrar (e.g. Godaddy, NameCheap, Enom). If so contact their support to find out how to access this if they do not provide documentation.

Once this is done you can point domain names at ns1 and and host your own DNS
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